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An Angel Watches Over You
by Patricia Fason

A tormented voice cries out, 'Why'?
Desperate hands reach for the sky,
Pleading eyes begin to cry,
Lips part and speak the lie.

A future faced without them near,
How could death take one held so dear?
A heart filled with dread and fear,
A silent dream that they'll appear.

Searching, searching for their face,
One no other could replace,
A hollow heart, an empty space,
Beats on with God's grace.

But the light of life never truly dies,
When the body is lost, the soul flies,
An angel beside us through our lives,
Gently reminding us that love never dies.

So this thought I give to you,
Search your heart, you will feel it too,
An angel watches over you,
Through all your life, in all you do.

Dedicated to my grandmother, my angel.
ęPatricia Fason Do not reprint without permission.

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