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Limoges Jewelry
by Patricia Fason

As the sun falls, a new night we greet,
The spray of the ocean, the sand beneath our feet,
A feeling of wholeness, of destiny complete,
That here in this spot, together we meet.

The crash of the waves, the shimmering moonlight,
A flood of emotions I can no longer fight,
Beauty surrounds us, a wondrous sight,
This is our moment, our destiny, our night.

You say you love me, I whisper your name,
The world stops turning, nothings the same,
Passion unleashed and burst into flame,
A love so wild that no man can tame.

I slowly awaken, not wanting to rise,
Another night of dreams, another night of lies,
My soul plummets, my heart cries,
Until I turn my head and look in your eyes.

It is towards this moment, our destiny so clear,
That time moves us forward, with nothing to fear,
A moment in time frozen, I hold it so dear,
I see this in your eyes, far away, yet near.

ęPatricia Fason Do not reprint without permission.

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