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Are You A Man
by Patricia Fason

How do you know if you're a man or a boy?
Do you treat a woman right or is she a toy?
Do you say I love you with sincerity and joy?
Or do you say I love you only as a ploy?

Do you tell the truth or is it easier to lie?
Do you hide your feelings or know it's natural to cry?
Do you back down from challenges or do you try?
Do you keep your feet planted or reach for the sky?

Do you share your disappointments or hide them away?
If she calls out for you, do you go or choose to stay?
When you're apart, are you faithful or do you play?
Do you put her in your future or live only for today?

To me the choices are obvious, the answers clear,
Treat a woman right, tell the truth, and be sincere,
Share all your feelings openly, there is nothing to fear,
Look toward the future boldly but hold today just as dear.

Although these things matter, they are not the ultimate test,
That is deep inside you, the part of you that is the best,
If you are proud of what you see and strive to rise above the rest,
Then you are a man and those who know you are indeed truly blessed.

ęPatricia Fason Do not reprint without permission.

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