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Are You Romantic?Valentine's Day Inspiration
Celebrate Love

by Patricia Fason

Love is one of the things in this world that people so often take for granted, until we don't have it. We forget to look at love as a gift. When someone gives you their love, what are they really giving?

  • A look at the part of themselves that most people never see.
  • The ability to be hurt by you.
  • Trust in you.
  • Their confidence that you are special.
  • Desire and passion.
  • A belief that you are worthy of their love.
  • Seeing something in YOU that makes you more special than any other person.
  • Their desire to spend their time and sometimes, their life with you.

When looked at this way, there is no denying that love is a gift. It should be embraced and celebrated. Therefore, when I hear people say that Valentine's Day is nothing but a gimmick for people to spend money, I am saddened. If all they see in this special day is that they might have to shell out a few bucks to make the person they love happy, then they are missing the whole point. Money should not be the issue and doesn't have to be if you are creative. It's just easier than designing your own card, preparing a special meal, etc. etc. Valentine's Day SHOULD be the day you celebrate love and the person who has given you so much of themselves.

My challenge to you is this. Make this Valentine's Day different. Remind yourself how lucky you are. Celebrate that you have someone in your life who is willing to put up with you even on your bad days. Someone who believes you are the one that completes them. Be grateful that this emotion exists in our world so that we don't have to walk alone into hardship or the unknown. Don't let it be about money. Let it be about love.


Celebrate Valentine's Day by designing your own special card. Inside the card make a list of reasons why you love them and a thank you for being in your life. This stands alone or is the perfect accompaniment to any gift.
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