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Virgo Horoscope

Virgo - Aug. 23 to Sep. 22

Virgo Horoscope

We have discontinued our weekly horoscopes. For your convenience, we have left sign information available as well as links to places who offer horoscopes.

More About Virgo
  •  Ruling Planet Mercury
  • Each astrological sign is assigned a part of the body, viewed as the seat of its power.  Virgo rules the intestines.
  • Qualities - An ability to organize, attention to cleanliness, extreme restlessness, selflessness, a desire for service, and an ability to get things done.
Virgo Classifications What it Means

Earth sign

Earth signs are associated with sensation, stability, and practicality. In combination with the other elements, earth feels that air will dry it, fire will parch it, but water will refresh and nourish it.

Mutable sign

Mutable signs are associated with resourcefulness and adaptability.
Famous People Under This Sign

Lance Armstrong, Ingrid Bergman, Leonard Bernstein, Warren Buffett, Agatha Christie, Sean Connery, David Copperfield, Cameron Diaz, Gloria Estefan, Michael Faraday, Greta Garbo, Richard Gere, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Hugh Grant, Buddy Holly, Michael Jackson, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Tommy Lee Jones, Michael Keaton, Beyoncé Knowles, Sophia Loren, Van Morrison, Bill Murray, LeAnn Rimes, Adam Sandler, Claudia Schiffer, Bruce Springsteen, William Howard Taft, Mother Teresa, Leo Tolstoy, Shania Twain, Herbert George Wells, Hank Williams, Richard Wright, and Carl Zeiss.

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